Please read my terms carefully as these are likely to change every so often. Your website must meet with the terms set out below.

1. If you delete your website then your membership with my site will also be terminated. However if creating a new website as long as you let me know you will be able to retain your membership.

2. If you have traded a membership with me and you reneg on the deal then your membership will be automatically terminated.

3. If your current up to date membership logo is not showing on your membership page of your site within 7 days of joining then your membership will be suspended until such time as it is showing.

4. You must have the correct logo on your site, If you continue to display an old one your membership will be suspended until the correct one is added.

5. Do not ever email me claiming you have a particular licence or membership type you do not have because I will know as I keep all copies of corrospondences. I have no time for liars and will not tolerate it.

6. It is not permitted to share your login information with a third party. If it is found you have done so your will be in breach of your membership and I will be within my rights to terminate your membership.

7. Please do not apply for a membership if you have no intention of paying. I have no time for people who apply for memberships and when they receive the payment invoice cancel it.


1. You do not need to have a website to purchase sigtags.
2. You may use my sigtags in forums, emails and as web decoration.
3. You must not alter the sigtag in any way.
4. If you want a tag for a freind you must purchase it seperately. You cannot buy a tag to share with a freind.


1. Premades will only ever be sold once unless otherwise stated.
2. You must have a website. Premades are for web decoration only. They are not to
be used in emails, forums etc.
3. Premades are not to be printed out for personal use.
4. Your site must be family friendly meaning no Pornagraphy, Racism, etc
5. You must always give credit for the premades.
6. You must not alter the graphic/s in any way

If these terms are not followed you will be asked to remove the graphic/s within 24 hours


1. Your website must have the No Drag Drop Script, No Right Click Script, Disable Text Script, and Disable Image Toolbar Script
2. If you are unsure of these scripts please email me for a copy of them to put on
your site.


1. All Websites must be in English as that is the only language I speak. I may make exceptions from time to time.


1. All terms above apply to membership
2. NEVER EVER share your usernames and passwords with anyone else
3. If any of my terms are violated you will be removed from the membership area immediatly.


1. All terms apply


1. All tubes may be made into whatever you wish for sale on your site.
2. You may not add tubes to your member areas as is
3. Lineart obtained from my site may be tubed for your members End Use.
4. You must purchase a tube licence from me before you offer my lineart as tubes
5. If you wish to sell the lineart you tube in your shop you must obtain a commercial licence.
6. Commercial Licence does not entitle you to make my designs into cross stitch patterns, tshirts, coffee mugs etc



1. I do not give refunds at any point in time so do not ask.


1. I reserve the right to sell to whom I chose at my own discretion
2. If purchasing anything for a freind their site must meet my terms also.
3. You may not share my graphics with other groups
4. Please always be polite when purchasing from me.
5. Always link back to http://www.polkadotpixel.net/
6. I DO NOT allow LJ Usage

I reserve the right to change my terms as I see fit
Terms updated 27/06/2015